Why Managers?

Workplaces can be a fulfilling experience

Inspired Workforce Performers® provides exceptional learning and development solutions for managers that transfer skills and new capabilities back to your business.

These new skills and capabilities are linked directly to your defined business drivers; simply inspiring the desire of staff to perform within the business motivates performance and increases your business profitability.


Why Managers Matter

Managers set the tone for staff experiences


Being a great manager and leader of people is one of the hardest things for a new manager to master. Too often staff are tasked with this vital role of responsibility without understanding just what being a great manager means.

We are passionate about helping new; emerging and established managers discover their management and leadership potential with true measurability and meaningful results.

Managers Changes Ahead

Rapid Decisions Required

Managers are living in a changing environment needing to keep great workers and manage out those that are not contributing in a difficult labour market, managing more staff remotely than even before, and being held personally accountable for things that used to sit previously under company jurisdiction.



Australian Learning Impact Award

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Each year in the lead up to ILP’s Future of Learning Conference, both ILP Members and Non-members are invited to apply for the Australian Learning Impact Awards.

Proudly sponsored by Parmia Insurance, the awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements by individuals, teams and organisations within the education and training sector.

Who We Work With

What kind of clients work with Inspired Workforce Performers®

Our clients are skilled in their industry, confident in what they know, humble about what they don’t know and curious about the possibilities that lie between the two. They welcome new ways of thinking. In fact, they recognise that today’s business challenges cannot be solved by old ways of thinking.

We are most likely to be successful when working with decision makers that understand that getting the right managers with the right skills, attitude and willingness to lead others is an essential ingredient to success for their organisation.


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How We Work

What’s it like to work with Inspired Workforce Performers®?

We have long term relationships and our clients often described us as “Part of the family”. Our belief is that we become an extension of your business and will honour that privilege with loyalty and dedication to our mutual goals. Because we see ourselves as ’boutique’ we are able to be extremely flexible and adaptable to change to the needs of our client’s requests and timeframes. Besides all that, we enjoy what we do and make the experience energising and rewarding for us all.

  • Nothing is more frustrating working with a consultant who will not answer their phone calls or return their emails.

    We don’t just try to be responsive, we guarantee your calls or emails will be returned in 4 hours or less.

  • When you work with us, expect clear communication both verbally and written, we continue any discussions until mutual expectations of both parties are clearly identified.

    We work with you to understand your defined measurements of success and will not sugarcoat or inflate what we believe is realistically possible.

  • Our consultants share mutual beliefs and values enabling us to demonstrate consistently the intent of Inspired Workforce Performers®.

    We believe quite simply that every individual is valuable, that people are having unique human experiences and often at various stages of personal and professional growth.

    We don’t treat people we work with as needing the cookie cutter approach; we know we need to create unique recipes for both our clients as well as the individuals that work within these organisations.

    We have seen time and time again that as long as the law of fair exchange is observed people will have the ability to amaze.

  • Now you have a better idea about the results you can expect by working with us, our approach and beliefs of working with clients.

    Contact us so we can respond to your inquiry.

Why Us?

What makes us different?

why managers

We think the difference lies in the fact that our whole team has previously held senior business positions and know what it is like to lead and manage, and make the same hard decisions that you need to make.

We have all studied the theory of organisations but choose to not focus on theory but take the practical hands-on approaches that are proven to work.

Case Studies

Web Based Solutions

Many of our clients insist on innovative solutions, they need Learning and Development consultants that can design a solution that fits their unique business challenges, we have listened and have come up with a range of solutions that can adapt to our client’s current challenges.


The consulting team at Inspired Workforce Performers® has the overall responsibility of designing solutions that increase the ability of managers to produce results more consistently through other people. Click on the image to download our brochure.

Solutions include:
  • Learning & Development Strategy
  • Design Organisational Cultural Assessments
  • Performance Management Methodologies
  • Individual Performance Assessments
  • Team Performance Assessments
  • Learning Needs Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Strategy Design
  • Leadership Capability
  • Executive Coaching
  • Mentoring and Coaching skills

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